Eli Manning : His Rank In His Position

Eli Manning: His Rank in His Position 
When I began to research about the rank in Quarterback Eli Manning’s position, I learned so much more. During the 2016, he didn’t miss many throws, but his team’s experienced- fumbles, and a couple of drop balls. It was a great season, where his stats are:

* Games- 201
* Att- 6,825
* Rushing Attempts- 5
* Rushing Yds. 1.8
* Rushing Aug- 5
* Passing Att- 6,825
* Passing Com- 4,072
* Passing Yds- 48,214
* Passing TD- 320
* Sacks- 328
* Sacks Yds- 2,279
* Fumbles- 104

Eli Manning is an American Quarterback for the National Football League (NFL) New York Giants. He is a record holder with the team, for the most passing yards, complete passes, passing yards, and the fourth- quarter touchdown passes of the season for the NFL.

He started his professional career with the San Diego Charges in 2004. In 2007, he brought the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI- where he won Most Valuable Player and in 2011, he became the Most Valuable Player for Super Bowl XLV and a record for the NFL’s longest pass completion and touchdown.

Eli Manning’s brother, Peyton Manning both are incredible NFL football players. He is married and has three daughters. His career consist of being a host of the Guiding Eyes for The Blind Golf Classic, and he and his brother, wrote a successful children’s book entitled “Family Huddle”.

Over the past two years, his stats has been amazing and he is heading for many more years of football games and Super Bowl wins, if he keeps playing as awesome as he is. In 2015, he signed a four-year 84 million dollar deal, with the New York Giants. He played well that year, and finished the season, with 35 touchdown passes. During the 2016, season- would lead his team to the playoffs, after being beat by the Packers, to end the New York Giant’s season with a 38-13 score. The team played nail biter’s and exciting games that season with- LA Rams, Eagles, Red Skins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, which lead up to the wild card with the Green Bay Packers. It was a fascinating season to watch Eli Manning throw many winning games, but didn’t make it the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning season ended with 26 touchdowns and an award from the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. He was happy to still be a contender in the game of NFL’s football!

Eli Manning is an exciting National Football League quarterback. He’s iconic and have amazing days, to look forward to. He has played in four Pro Bowl games. This incredible player, also ranked 47th on the NFL’s Top 100 Player of 2016. His winning throws continue, to bring his team to great stats, and the NFL to victorious wins. His position for the future is promising. At this point, we must all sit back, and watch how his stat’s will climb, and where he will throw the football- which could lead his team to a future Super Bowl win.