New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Preview & Betting Prediction

It is that time again everyone…FOOTBALL SEASON!! Who will be opening the draft with their first game of the season? The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Giants are opening the NFL season for 2016 and man are people excited. The Cowboys are said to start the season with their rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, considering the Great Tony Romo is suffering from a back injury. Not only will they have a new quarterback but a new coach as well, Ben McAdoo, who happened to be an offensive coordinator one year the Cowboys were beat by the Giants.

Last season, neither teams did very well and with both side fighting for a better stat board this year, the head to head action is expected to be ferocious. It all comes down to who has the best plays though and who succeeds in seeing them through. The key factors in either side winning vary dramatically.

The Dallas Cowboys need to make sure they take into consideration that they have a brand new team member in which they must protect to the fullest while on the field. That new quarterback must also take into account that he must work with the whole team the best way possible in order to make sure the game is played as planned without being the victor in every play.

Considering the defense team on the Cowboys side will be missing a few key players due to suspension, the Cowboys better step up their A-game. With three starters missing from the game the plays on the defense side will more than likely be amped up compared to the passed seasons. This is probably the most crucial factor to weigh in to the whole game.

The Cowboys have another rookie on the team, Ezekiel Elliott, who happens to be new running back. He is said to be the fourth-overall and supposedly his skill is good enough to help save the defense side and possibly give the team the upper hand they are hoping for. Technically though, we will not know until the first week of the season.

Last year, the Giants did not do well at all in their rush game. The made 19th in rushing and 18th in yards passed. That obviously needs to be better for this team to see a light at the end of their tunnel. Also, in order to have some success with their fight against the Cowboys, the Giants must force the opposing team to throw the ball more. All it takes is a little bit of anger to throw off concentration which means the Cowboys should be prepared. Not only can it throw off the team but it will get the new Cowboys quarterback to make decisions to quickly and in the end fail with each one.

The polls show that the wagerers and fans alike are more for the Giants winning this game as opposed to the Cowboys, who seem to be dominated in this case. Both teams have rookies, which can either hurt each team or help each team. neither side did well last year across the board so this first game between two revamped teams should be a thrilling one.