NY Giants Draft Day Needs

The New York Giants are an amazing team. It seems as with many teams the Giants are fairly selective when new draft picks must be chosen. Almost always a draft picks expert is secured to weed out the most qualified players.

The New York Giants hold the 23rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. The New York Giants under the direction of Ben Mc Adoo maintained an 11-5 regular season record.

At present, the New York Giants draft needs appear to be running back , linebacker as well as the defense. Therefore, it could be said that the team requires great improvement in the areas that were mentioned. If capable players are drafted, the New York Giants have an excellent chance of making it to the next Super Bowl.

The teams are really seeking out defenders that are perfectly capable of rushing and dropping by employing dynamics and their sports ability. Speed while on the playing field must be converted into power for the team to sustain a successful victory. Therefore, only the best recruits will suffice. Draft season can be stressful to say the least.

Both inside and outside linebackers must be chosen carefully. Ryan Anderson is an outside linebacker for Alabama. Anderson may very well be someone that would do very well on a team such as the New York Giants.

Jarad Davis is an inside linebacker that plays for Florida. Davis has demonstrated great skill and has proven he is a valuable player. Jarad Davis would possibly also fit very nicely as a new player for the Giants. Only time will tell if any new contracts or offers are initiated.

Reuben Foster has been referred to as a “top tog” a real punishing defender. It is quite evident that Foster has excellent mobility, instinct and natural talent. Rueben Foster is certainly a very desirable player. Negotiations could be underway right now. Keep in mind, the public sometimes is not informed of major changes within the NFL until decisions have already been made.

There are a variety of very talented and capable running backs in 2017. Dalvin Cook is committed to Florida State however, that could change at virtually any time. Dalvin Cook would make a huge difference if he was recruited to play for the New York Giants. Dalvin Cook is the kind of rare talent that the Giants could use.

Alvin Kammara is a talented player however he is not all that well known at present. However, any team that is seeking a fast as lightning running back may have to look no further. Kammara has certainly demonstrated his drive, skill and ambitions. It may not be very difficult to find someone willing to take a chance on Alvin Kammara.

Finding defensive tackle recruits should not be a difficult task. It is all a matter narrowing down the best qualified players and of course making the final offer. Defensive tackle requires size, strength and the power to control the line of scrimmage.

Elijah Qualls has been referred to as a “fire hydrant with exceptional power and energy”. I do not feel that Qualls would argue with that description of himself. Qualls would certainly fit the bill for a scout seeking a true and powerful defensive tackle player. At the present time, there may very well be more than one scout waiting for the right time to approach Elijah Qualls.

The New York Giants are an interesting team to say the least. The team has held many victories and the public can only predict what changes may come about within the coming months. The New York Giants will have their draft needs filled soon enough.

Eli Manning : His Rank In His Position

Eli Manning: His Rank in His Position 
When I began to research about the rank in Quarterback Eli Manning’s position, I learned so much more. During the 2016, he didn’t miss many throws, but his team’s experienced- fumbles, and a couple of drop balls. It was a great season, where his stats are:

* Games- 201
* Att- 6,825
* Rushing Attempts- 5
* Rushing Yds. 1.8
* Rushing Aug- 5
* Passing Att- 6,825
* Passing Com- 4,072
* Passing Yds- 48,214
* Passing TD- 320
* Sacks- 328
* Sacks Yds- 2,279
* Fumbles- 104

Eli Manning is an American Quarterback for the National Football League (NFL) New York Giants. He is a record holder with the team, for the most passing yards, complete passes, passing yards, and the fourth- quarter touchdown passes of the season for the NFL.

He started his professional career with the San Diego Charges in 2004. In 2007, he brought the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI- where he won Most Valuable Player and in 2011, he became the Most Valuable Player for Super Bowl XLV and a record for the NFL’s longest pass completion and touchdown.

Eli Manning’s brother, Peyton Manning both are incredible NFL football players. He is married and has three daughters. His career consist of being a host of the Guiding Eyes for The Blind Golf Classic, and he and his brother, wrote a successful children’s book entitled “Family Huddle”.

Over the past two years, his stats has been amazing and he is heading for many more years of football games and Super Bowl wins, if he keeps playing as awesome as he is. In 2015, he signed a four-year 84 million dollar deal, with the New York Giants. He played well that year, and finished the season, with 35 touchdown passes. During the 2016, season- would lead his team to the playoffs, after being beat by the Packers, to end the New York Giant’s season with a 38-13 score. The team played nail biter’s and exciting games that season with- LA Rams, Eagles, Red Skins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, which lead up to the wild card with the Green Bay Packers. It was a fascinating season to watch Eli Manning throw many winning games, but didn’t make it the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning season ended with 26 touchdowns and an award from the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. He was happy to still be a contender in the game of NFL’s football!

Eli Manning is an exciting National Football League quarterback. He’s iconic and have amazing days, to look forward to. He has played in four Pro Bowl games. This incredible player, also ranked 47th on the NFL’s Top 100 Player of 2016. His winning throws continue, to bring his team to great stats, and the NFL to victorious wins. His position for the future is promising. At this point, we must all sit back, and watch how his stat’s will climb, and where he will throw the football- which could lead his team to a future Super Bowl win.

New York Giants Season Outlook

*Giants: Season Outlook & Predictions:

The New York Giants are an interesting and popular team. No one can know for certain how a season will turn out. However, it is possible to make fairly accurate predictions based on past performance. In addition, when new players are added to the team it can strengthen the team in a profound way.

The New York Giants must look forward to an off season. Predictions have already been made on how the New York Giants will improve their overall game strategy this coming season.

In spite of his pitfalls, Eli Manning is still considered the Giants main man. In the past Manning was often highly criticized and took much blame for the poor performance of his offensive line. Many sports fans are wondering who will come to the aid of Eli Manning in this up and coming season.

Some avid sports fans are actually predicting that the possibility exists that Ryan Nassib and Josh Johnson could end up not resigning with the team. Due to the fact that Nassib and Johnson are free agents in the off season, they do have the option not to return for the coming season. Keep in mind, this is only a prediction however, it could very well happen. Only time will tell what Nassib and Johnson ultimately end up doing.

As far as the teams running back. Rashad Jennings could possibly be let go which could actually end up benefiting the team in the long run. Some feel that it would be worthwhile for the Giants to invest in a younger and more promising running back.

Paul Perkins without a doubt was able to prove his ability and devotion to the Giants. Perkins was able to demonstrate many times over his fabulous running speed on the open field. Perkins certainly put Jennings to shame in many ways. Paul Perkins knows he is a valuable player therefore, he could ask for more money, another contract or he may surprise us all and decide to walk. This is one area in which may be hard to predict. Therefore, we may have to simply wait to see how it all plays out.

The Giants have had some talented wide receivers in the past. However, the postseason games proved a major disappointment due to the poor performance by receivers. The lingering question seems to be whom will ultimately replace Victor Cruz. Cruz is the team’s third wide receiver. The replacement of Cruz could be handled by recruiting a new draft pick or by allowing a free agent to handle the replacement. It should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

The Giants without a doubt has serious problems with their offensive line. It is anticipated that some offensive players will be let go. Therefore, many wonder how will finding replacements be handled. The choices are that replacements will be either new recruits or handled through a free agent. Something must be done to improve their poor offense.

*Difficult decisions must be made:

As far as defense is concerned. A tough decision will have to be made on which defensive line player will stay and which one will be let go. Jason Paul and Jonathan Hawkins are two defensive players that are probably living in limbo right now. However, soon the fate of these two players will ultimately be determined. The Giants can not afford to keep both players so something must be done. Manager Jerry Reece will have the difficult decision to make. The off season is the perfect time to make these tough decisions.

Jonathan Casillas proved to be a decent defensive linebacker. However, at the present time the team has a weak defense. A standout player is definitely needed to pull the team back together.

Secondary team players can be important to any team. Aaron Rogers proved that he was a valuable secondary team player. Landon Collins was another team all-pro. Trevin Wade was effectively used as a Giant’s back up player in the past. However, now that Wade is a free agent could change the whole scope of things.

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Preview & Betting Prediction

It is that time again everyone…FOOTBALL SEASON!! Who will be opening the draft with their first game of the season? The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Giants are opening the NFL season for 2016 and man are people excited. The Cowboys are said to start the season with their rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, considering the Great Tony Romo is suffering from a back injury. Not only will they have a new quarterback but a new coach as well, Ben McAdoo, who happened to be an offensive coordinator one year the Cowboys were beat by the Giants.

Last season, neither teams did very well and with both side fighting for a better stat board this year, the head to head action is expected to be ferocious. It all comes down to who has the best plays though and who succeeds in seeing them through. The key factors in either side winning vary dramatically.

The Dallas Cowboys need to make sure they take into consideration that they have a brand new team member in which they must protect to the fullest while on the field. That new quarterback must also take into account that he must work with the whole team the best way possible in order to make sure the game is played as planned without being the victor in every play.

Considering the defense team on the Cowboys side will be missing a few key players due to suspension, the Cowboys better step up their A-game. With three starters missing from the game the plays on the defense side will more than likely be amped up compared to the passed seasons. This is probably the most crucial factor to weigh in to the whole game.

The Cowboys have another rookie on the team, Ezekiel Elliott, who happens to be new running back. He is said to be the fourth-overall and supposedly his skill is good enough to help save the defense side and possibly give the team the upper hand they are hoping for. Technically though, we will not know until the first week of the season.

Last year, the Giants did not do well at all in their rush game. The made 19th in rushing and 18th in yards passed. That obviously needs to be better for this team to see a light at the end of their tunnel. Also, in order to have some success with their fight against the Cowboys, the Giants must force the opposing team to throw the ball more. All it takes is a little bit of anger to throw off concentration which means the Cowboys should be prepared. Not only can it throw off the team but it will get the new Cowboys quarterback to make decisions to quickly and in the end fail with each one.

The polls show that the wagerers and fans alike are more for the Giants winning this game as opposed to the Cowboys, who seem to be dominated in this case. Both teams have rookies, which can either hurt each team or help each team. neither side did well last year across the board so this first game between two revamped teams should be a thrilling one.